Kinnikinnick Studio Presents

Kinnikinnick Studio offers landscape architectural services, with a specialty in naturalization and creating places for people.   Streetscapes, Low Impact Development (LID), and constructed wetlands, are part of the firm’s expertise. Collaboratively working as part of an integrated team, Kinnikinnick Studio Inc. provides specialized design input to create great, long-lived projects.

Kinnikinnick Studio also provides expertise in public consultation.  Kinnikinnick teams up and works closely with clients and project teams: reaching out to provide and gather key project information for use in the creation of each project. Communications plans as well as public engagement and consultation plans are specifically designed and implemented with flexibility being key to their success.  Transparency, continuous feedback and reaching consensus are important elements to the consultation process.

Landscape architectural services include:

  • Staff Mentorship
  • Project Management
  • Construction Administration
  • Inventory and Assessments
  • Neighbourhood Vision and Themes
  • Conceptual and Detailed Landscape Architectural Design
    • Neighbourhoods
    • Streetscapes and Plazas
    • Features
    • Highways
    • Landfill End Use Plans
    • Parks and Open Spaces
    • Wetlands
    • Industrial Sites
    • Arterial Roadways
    • School Sites
    • Naturalization and Bioengineering Planting
    • Low Impact Development

Public engagement services include:

  • Facilitation
  • Process Design
  • Materials Design
  • Communication/Engagement Plans
  • Public Speaking and Presentations
  • Project Coordination and Administration
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